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Life can be messy.
Your retainer shouldn’t be.

Always Clean

Fresh, Clean, Shipped to Your Door.

No More Molds

No impressions. No gagging.

The Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit. Guaranteed.


I love my Retainer Club retainers. They feel tight but great. Thanks for making it so easy!
Sue Johnson
6 Month Plan
You made my life so easy! I love it. I just got my new retainers in the mail and they fit perfect. Thank you!
Steve Miller
Annual Plan
$99 per set is a STEAL. My orthodontist was charging $450 and I had to make 2 appointments. This is the BEST. Thanks
Jane Stevenson
4 Month Plan

How It Works

Getting your first retainer is easy as 1, 2, 3.

Get Your 3D Scans

10 minutes or less at a nearby Retainer Club™ office.

Choose Your Plan

Replace your retainers as often as you like.

Receive Your Retainers

Fabricated, polished, and delivered in 7 days or less.

The General Rule Of Gums

Invest In Your Smile.
If your retainer is:
It's time for a new one.

Did You Know?

Bacteria and viruses collect on your retainer over time.

Orthodontists recommend regular replacement of retainers. You never have to live with old, loose, dirty retainers again. A fresh, new, perfectly fitting retainer will ensure Straight Teeth for Life™.

Retainer Club™ utilizes advanced 3D Scanning and 3D printing technology to manufacture perfectly fitting retainers at an amazing price.

Blair Feldman DMD, MS

Founding Orthodontist

Get Straight Teeth for Life

All In 7 Days

Free Expedited Shipping to your Home or Office

No Follow Up Required

We keep track of you membership


A great place to start
1 Fresh Set of Retainers
per year
$99/Set of Retainers
Regularly $349


Most Popular
1 Fresh Set of Retainers
every 6 months
$74.50/Set of Retainers
Regularly $698


Best Value
1 Fresh Set of Retainers
every 4 months
$66.33/Set of Retainers
Regularly $1,047

General FAQs

Want some more information?


Is it bad that my retainer is 4 years old?
Yes! You change your toothbrush every 3 months and those are only in your mouth for 4 minutes a day. Retainers are working for 6-8 hours a day and, over time, they become loose and harbor bacteria. At Retainer Club, we love the fit, feel, and performance of a clean, new retainer. A fresh retainer is a fresh start and a key to overall oral health.
I have never had a 'Scan' of my teeth before but I still need new retainers. What do I do?
No problem - a 3D scan from a Retainer Club™ provider is the beginning of your Retainer Club experience. It's your key to low cost, perfectly fitting retainers that are mailed to your home. Schedule your Scan today and your new retainer will be ready within 7 days.
Are all retainers the same?
Good question! There are 2 main types of retainers - clear retainers made from a thermoforming machine and Hawley type retainers (the type with colored acrylic and metal wires.) At Retainer Club - we specialize in clear retainers made from a positive pressure thermoforming machine. These are the best fitting retainers available. When it comes to retainer material, there are literally thousands of options. We use several types but our most common material (and the only material we use unless we receive special instructions from your doctor) is an .040" Essix Brand ACE PLUS. It has proven to be the most comfortable and best performing material.
My teeth moved a little bit, can a retainer fix that?
The best person to answer that question is your orthodontist. In many cases, very mild changes can be corrected with a retainer. More significant changes may require that you have orthodontic treatment to return to an ideal bite. Retainer Club™ members receive special reduced pricing on orthodontic treatment with clear aligners or braces from a network of excellent orthodontic offices.
What if I get a crown on one of my teeth?
If you get a crown or a large filling your current retainers will no longer fit properly. Once your crown is complete, you will need an updated 3D scan of your teeth to get an ideal fitting retainer. Retainer Club members receive complimentary 3D scans and the replacement fee is your regular member pricing.
Do you store my digital 3D models forever?
The 3D models are stored as long as you remain a member. We give a 3 month grace period, after that we delete the files to save space on our servers.


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Becoming a Partner

Focus On New Patients,
Not Retainers

Retainer Club™ provides your patients with perfectly fitting retainers at a great price. Retainer Club™ provides you with more patients interested in treatment.

Give Your Patients
Straight Teeth for Life™

Your patients will love Retainer Club™. You will have the confidence that the smiles you created are being protected and maintained.

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