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Retain your perfect smile for $99/year

You spent thousands of dollars to give yourself that perfect smile. Making that investment in your appearance was a great decision. Now you need to protect that investment. Over time, if you don't wear your retainer each night, your teeth are unfortunately going to move, undoing all of that expensive and time-consuming orthodontic treatment. The problem is that your retainer, like your toothbrush, is not designed to last forever.

Up until Retainer Club there just hasn't been an easy way to regularly and inexpensively replace your retainers. Now you can get brand new, perfectly fitting retainers delivered right to your door for as little as $99/year.

3D Scanning - The Future is Now

You may remember the "old way" of getting retainers. Your Orthodontist would make a mold of our teeth which involved gagging on a mouthful of alginate goo. Not only was this among the worst experiences you were ever going to have in a dental office, but alginate impressions are often prone to error and need to be redone. Scanning technology is a quantum leap forward, using a non-invasive 3D camera to create a perfect digital model of your teeth. Once we have your scan we hold it for you in digital storage so that anytime you need a new retainer, we can provide one without you having to go back to get re-scanned.

Always Ready to Ship

Once we have your 3-D scan we 3-D print a perfect mold of your teeth. We store the physical mold of your teeth so that we can create a new perfectly fitting retainer for you whenever you need a new one.
Let's KEEP things straight   
Let's KEEP things straight   
Let's KEEP things straight   
Let's KEEP things straight   
Let's KEEP things straight   

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“Both of my kids, in addition to myself, wearing retainers at night for the rest of our lives means we each have to change our retainers every 6-12 months. Saving all those trips to the orthodontist is a lifesaver!”