Our Process

Straight Teeth for Life® - 3 Simple Steps

Case and retainer
Step 1
Pick Your Subscription Plan
Choose how often you receive fresh new retainers delivered to your door. One set of retainers a year for $99. Two sets of retainers a year for $149. Three sets of retainers a year $199
Step 2
Schedule your 3D scan
If your orthodontist doesn't already have a 3D scan of your teeth on file, no problem. It just takes 10 quick minutes at a nearby Retainer Club Partner Office. A 3D scan is simple, non-invasive and doesn’t require any gooey molds. If there isn’t a location near you, shoot us an email. We love adding new partners!
Silver Shrunk
Step 3
Fresh new retainers delivered to your door!
Within 7 days of receiving your scan, your fresh new set of retainers get created and shipped right to your door. With our Perfect Fit Guarantee, have confidence your retainers will fit perfectly. If they don’t, we’ll make you a new set for free.

Straight Teeth for Life®

After orthodontic treatment, your teeth are going to want to move back to their old crooked selves! The only way to prevent that is wearing a retainer regularly, for as long as you want to maintain your orthodontic results. Before Retainer Club, replacement was expensive, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. Now, Retainer Club gives you simple and affordable way to have Straight Teeth for Life!

This Isn't Your Dad's Retainer!

You remember that old retainer you had when you were a kid? You know, the one with the metal band connected to vibrant plastic that stuck to the roof of your mouth like peanut butter? The one came with a 100% never-get-a-date guarantee? Yup...we thought it needed a major facelift!

Our upgraded retainers use the latest 3D scanning and 3D printing technology to produce a transparent, perfect-fit that snaps over your teeth for a secure feel.  They are BPA free and we only use the highest quality materials.