Our exclusive Perfect Fit Guarantee gives you the confidence that your retainers will fit and perform or we will replace them.   Certain fit issues require you to return to your orthodontist for an updated scan - examples are:

  1. Tooth changes due to a filling, crown, lost tooth, fractured tooth, etc
  2. Tooth position changes due to movement of your teeth from the time of the last 3D Scan.  Also - teeth can move if you haven't replaced your retainer in a number of years
  3. Gum changes after orthodontics - if the gums were swollen during your treatment and have changed since treatment has completed

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee is valid for 30 days after you receive your retainers. 

To start your guarantee order, please fill out the form by clicking the link below.

Important note - at Retainer Club - we make it easy and affordable to replace your retainers.  We do not offer any orthodontic service or advice.  Certain orthodontic conditions or changes may require additional treatment and your doctor is the only one to make that determination.  We reserve the right to cancel plans and refund if your doctor tells us that retainers are not appropriate or no longer needed.