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$99/year or $9.99/month

A fresh new set of retainers every year!  You change your toothbrush every 3 months and that is only in your mouth for a few minutes a day.  Your retainers are working for 6-8 hours a day and, over time, they become loose and harbor bacteria. At Retainer Club, we love the fit, feel, and performance of a clean, new retainer and we think you will too!  A fresh set of retainers is the key to overall oral health.

  • Fresh Set of Retainers Every Year
  • Perfect Fit Guarantee
  • Upgrade anytime
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“Both of my kids, in addition to myself, wearing retainers at night for the rest of our lives means we each have to change our retainers every 6-12 months. Saving all those trips to the orthodontist is a lifesaver!”