The Problem

Replacing a retainer is time consuming and expensive

My dog ate my retainer!

Some things are meant to last forever, retainers aren't one of them.  If the dog didn’t get them, over time retainers get lost, cracked or really gross.  It's important to regularly replace and wear retainers long term in order to maintain the perfect smile you worked so hard to achieve.

When you Join the Club, you get to choose when fresh, clean retainers are shipped right to your doorstep.  Retainer club is the best way to protect the investment you made and the time you spent in orthodontic treatment  by regularly swapping out old retainers for fresh custom-fitting ones. 

Retainer Club makes it easy and affordable to keep Straight Teeth for Life®. 

How Often Do Your Replace Your Toothbrush?

How often should you replace your retainers?. The answer is easy: as often as you replace your toothbrush. But that wasn't practical until Retainer Club. The truth is that your toothbrush is only in your mouth for a few minutes a day, but your retainer works much harder, often spending 7 or more hours in your mouth every day. Your retainers not only collect more bacteria and viruses, they also wear out over time. With our cost-effective way to regularly replace your old retainers, we now give this advice without reservation: replace your retainers as often as you replace your toothbrush!

We KEEP Things Straight

At Retainer Club, we do not provide orthodontic treatment. If you’re unhappy with your smile and interested in having your teeth straightened, you should see an orthodontist or dentist. As a practicing orthodontist for almost 20 years, our founder, Dr. Blair Feldman, knows how crucial it is for an orthodontist or dentist to examine and care for your teeth. At Retainer Club, we focus exclusively on maintaining your perfect smile after orthodontic treatment. That’s why we love our partner orthodontists and dentists. They straighten your teeth, and we make sure they stay straight for life!

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Share your smile with #straightteethforlife   
Share your smile with #straightteethforlife   
Share your smile with #straightteethforlife   
Share your smile with #straightteethforlife   
Share your smile with #straightteethforlife   

Customer reviews

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“Retainer Club not only saves time but money! The website is extremely user friendly and with a click of a button my new retainer arrives within 7 days. Thank you Retainer Club for making my life easier while maintaining my smile!”

Denise K.